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October 16 2017

wedding dress concept
obviously based off of sailor moon, but i love the dress and i would love to get married in something like that!
also, the first time i used the sketch as thelineart! i love it!
vriska: talk to your moirail
for my moirail <>

i would love critisim for this piece!

October 15 2017

potential wedding dress sketch
i want to colour this digitally, but i loved the sketch so much i wanted to make it public!! aaa
[old] Inverse Classpect Squad
wanted to post this because the quality of work at the time, but damn, this is so old! back before a fuck load of drama and people finding out their identities. like... early 2016??? before that??? maybe this was 2015! whoa!
what am i doing with my life?
posting some old vent art! i loved the colour use here
i dont like you.
posting some old vent art haha

October 05 2017

8351 4682 390




It’s so beautiful

8354 eb42 390


♧ authorized reprint for tumblr // artist:   bosack/ぽかぽか   /   Edward Elic

✿ please do not remove source link// edit  illustration // change caption // upload to other websites!

September 30 2017

What the Signs Should Do When They’re Bored


**Use Sun and Moon

Aries: Learn to play a new sport or instrument. Go running. Get up and dance. Do some physical activity. Blast your favorite songs. 

Taurus: Bake something. Learn to cook a new dish. Read a book. Write a poem. Paint. 

Gemini: Write something. Write a story. Write a song. Write your thoughts. Clean your room. Take a walk.

Cancer: Go swimming. Go to the park. Feed some ducks. Write in a journal.

Leo: Sunbathe. Watch the clouds. Color. Paint. Draw. Read a news article.

Virgo: Read a book. Go to a thrift shop or a bookstore. Go to a coffeeshop and people watch. 

Libra: Do your make up. Do your hair. Get dressed up for no reason. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

Scorpio: Research something that interests you. Make some art. Look at the sky—the sunset, the clouds, the stars, the moon.

Sagittarius: Garden. Take a walk through a forest or a city and look at what’s around you. Call a friend.

Capricorn: Sew or knit or cross stitch—learn if you don’t know how. Read a book. Clean something. Destroy something.

Aquarius: Go to an eclectic little shop or bookstore. Drive without a destination. Listen to the radio. Stargaze. 

Pisces: Take a relaxing bath. Snuggle up with a book. Take a nap. Go to a record store. Blast throwback music. 

September 17 2017

doing emergency art commissions!

September 15 2017

an )(eiress i've been designing/thinking of, not feferi!

she looks similar, but she is a )(eiress, they live with colorful clothing and everything after all!

September 11 2017

Light and Ryuk
i've been falling in love with death note and i havent touch copics in a while!
Light and Ryuk
i've been falling in love with death note and i havent touch copics in a while!

September 06 2017

[COMMISSION] for charliebrown-norelation
on tumblr lol
[COMMISSION] for charliebrown-norelation
on tumblr lol

September 01 2017

for ragsy! the bg isnt the best but its not too bad (theres a cropped version if you want to see it~
[COMMISSION] Nice Ice Cream!
a commission for my friend ragsy~ (not on dA)
for a user on tumblr
for a user on tumblr
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